Veito® CH1500RE Standing Heater Black


The specially-designed carbon fiber Veito free standing heater is the ideal heating solution to any room. The adjustable height stand (82cm-135 cm) and a choice between 4 different temperature settings, long-distance full remote control, and the wonderfully modern design make it the perfect addition to any place. You can easily move the Veito CH1500RE Standing Heater (Black), and it works effectively outside and inside. The portability of the Veito Standing Heater is a big convenience that keeps you warm anywhere and everywhere.

Orders are processed and shipped within 48 hours, but delivery is contingent on your preferred shipping method, which can be chosen during checkout. The Veito CH1500RE Standing Heater (Black) is delivered all over USA. Get in touch with our Customer Services Department through our Contact Us page, if you have queries about returning/replacing the Veito CH1500RE Standing Heater (Black).


Veito Standing Heaters work the exact same way as the sun, and heat objects and individuals using infrared rays directly. This means when the objects become hot, they begin heating their surroundings, thus practically turning individuals and entire floors into heat reservoirs. This means that energy is utilized much more efficiently, and you have bigger savings on your bills.

The environment-friendly Veito standing infrared heater converts 100% of energy into heat, making it highly efficient and effective. The Veito standing infrared heater helps you heat the areas and individuals that you wish, thereby maximizing energy savings, and reducing your energy bills. The standing heater can start emitting heat within 10 seconds of being plugged in since it is equipped with carbon fiber technology that not only ensures even distribution of heat but also generates 25% more as compared to other infrared heaters.

The standing heater has an adjustable height stand that comes with 4 different types of heat settings. A fully multi-functional remote can be used to regulate power consumption, temperature setting, timer etc. The heating capacity can be set at 600W, 900W, 1200W or 1500W. The standing heater also comes with the safety feature of automatically shutting down when someone bumps into it or it is knocked over. It can also be set to shut off when a certain safe temperature is crossed. The lightened aluminum body, built-in carry handle and protective grill means that the standing heater will provide lifelong efficient heating solutions.

The Veito free standing heater comes with a dynamic control panel that can be regulated using a multi-purpose remote. All Veito heaters run on the same frequency, which means you can control several heaters with a single remote.

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