Veito FAQ's

All you need to know, and more
How much can I expect to save on my electric bill?
Unfortunately, there is not a right answer to this question as there are so many variables. An infrared heater reduces your electric bill in the same way that any other space heater does – by allowing you to turn down your whole-house thermostat and heat just the room(s) you’re using, known as zone heating. Because of its unique infrared heat waves an infrared heater can do this job far more efficiently than an ordinary space heater. In the end the major savings will vary from person to person and space to space depending on how far you turn down your central heat, size of the room, ventilation and other individual factors.
How many square feet will an infrared heater handle?
Again, this question is difficult to give a specific answer for. In general, the maximum is considered to be 1000 square feet when used as a supplemental heat source. Many variables such as ceiling height and insulation, as well as individual heat comfort level will affect this figure. The only way to be absolutely sure if an infrared heater will perform in your particular situation is to try it.
What is the heat output in BTU’s?
The Veito carbon infrared heaters, 1500W or 2500W, put out approximately 8,000 BTU/hr and 12,000 BTU/hr. This is a fixed rate as no electric heater can put out more than 3.4 BTU’s per watt. The key to the efficiency of the Veito heaters is that it distributes the heat evenly throughout the room and does not waste it all in one hot spot. Veito heats objects and not air.
What’s the difference between the models?
All Veito carbon infrared heaters have exactly the same heating design on the inside. The differences between them are found in the housing and IP rating. The CH1500RE standing heater is designed to be used indoor and has portability. The Blade 1500W is designed to be used outdoors or indoors with a stand or mounted on a wall or ceiling; with an IP55 rating it is protected against dust, rain, sleet, snow and wind dust and low pressure water from all directions. The Blade S 2500W is ideal for outdoor spaces such as homes, patios, restaurants, outdoor cafes and farms; with an IP55 rating you can place this heater inside as well as outside and it is totally protected against dust and will withstand any harsh conditions including rain, snow and wind.
What about replacement bulbs?
The bulbs are the only consumable part of the heater and are rated to last about 10,000 hours.
Are remote controls available for any of the heaters?
Yes, all Veito infrared heaters come with a remote control. All Veito heater remote controls run on the same frequency so you can control more than one heater with just a single remote.
Is it okay to run the heater unattended?
Caution should be exercised when running any electrical appliance unattended. This is why Veito infrared heaters have thermostats; you can set the desired temperature and let the heater cycle on its own, even at night.
How quickly can you ship?
You can expect your heater to ship out to you within 1-2 business days of payment.