The neighbour invited us over and said we would be sitting outside. I took a jacket and thought it would probably be too cool to sit outside. April in parts of the USA can be sunny warm days and evenings can be much cooler which is why we move indoors as soon as the sun sets.

I took off my jacket because I was very comfortable and warm they had their Veito® Infrared heater outside as a patio heater. They had been to our local home show a few weekends before. We were disappointed as we had missed the home show and it would be a year before the show would be back again. We wanted to buy one now for our patio and basement.

We got home that night and I got on google and found the Veito® Heater USA website which featured a full line of heaters, depending on what we were using it for, as well as information Veito® infrared heaters and how they work and save energy. I ordered the Veito® Blade 1500W Infrared heater online and it was so easy. I knew that we wanted the Veito® Blade 1500W as it was perfect for outside.  I also ordered a stand to make it portable.

Click on a few pages to order the heater online, 3 days later my Veito® Infrared heater and stand were delivered.  Set it up, plugged it in and the heat was on making our patio comfortable. That following night we had the neighbours over and showed off our new Veito® portable patio heater, we let them know how easy it was to order online and now they are ordering a second one online and I think we will too.