Veito® Blade 1500W Heater Black


BLADE 1500W carbon infrared heater                 
The Veito Blade 1500W heater is a powerful infrared heater that works effectively both inside and out. The modern and sleek design ensures that it can be mounted on walls or ceiling with minimal space. Blade heaters are built to provide life-long heating solutions.
The Veito Blade heater comes with a full control remote that can be used to set heat levels, adjust power settings and the timer. Multiple Blade heaters can be controlled using the same remote, as all heaters and remotes operate on the same frequency.

We dispatch orders for shipping within 48 hours of the order being processes. The Veito Blade 1500W Heater (Black) can be shipped to any state in USA. If you have to raise a request to return/replace the Veito Blade 1500W Heater (Black), please connect with the Customer Services Department via the Contact Us page. The delivery of the heater will depend on the shipping method that you choose while placing your order.


Infrared heat directly heats objects and individuals, and not the air that surrounds them. It works on the same principle as that of the sun. This, in practice, means that people, objects and entire floors can become heat sinks. Infrared heating not only ensures greater efficiency, but also increases savings on energy bills.

The Veito Blade 1500W infrared heater converts 100% of the energy supplied to it into heat, and doesn’t waste any energy heating the air. By heating zones and individuals directly, the heater works efficiently and can begin emitting heat within 10 seconds of being plugged in. The Blade is also equipped with carbon fiber technology, which allows for even distribution of heat, thereby increasing the heat output by nearly 25%. All these features ensure that you save a lot on your bill, and obtain efficient heating.

The Blade can be easily installed in any compact space as it comes with fixing brackets. The Blade can be easily installed inside or out, and can be mounted horizontally, vertically or be hung from the ceiling. The exterior grill comes with a lifetime guarantee, and the plastic edge panels on the back and outside are heat resistant.
A full function remote can be used to adjust the settings from a long distance, and in fact, several Blade heaters can be controlled from a single remote as well. Thus, you can regulate heat level, set the timer, and set automatic temperature control remotely. This ensures greater efficiency and bigger savings.
Veito Blade heaters also have several in-built safety features that make it extremely safe. Tip over protection, motion sensitive auto shut off, auto shut off timer, sleep timer, overheat protection and a lot other features make the heater safe, and also help you save money by increasing the efficiency of the heaters.
Blade heaters have been made with utmost attention to detail and design, in order to provide a consistent life-long performance.

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