Veito® USA makes the exceptional Ch1500RE indoor standing heater that will heat any space to keep you warm and cozy without having to turn up the furnace. You heat only the space that you are in and that will save you money on your heating bills. The Veito® CH1500RE infrared standing heater is a free standing indoor heater that is height adjustable, has 4 different temperature settings and a long distance remote control. The Veito® infrared standing heater is height adjustable from 32.5” – 53.5” (82cm – 135cm) and comes on its own round base stand.

Having the CH1500RE portable infrared standing heater means that you can easily move it from room to room with you; it is light weight making it the perfect heater for your home, cabin, RV, office, guest room or garage. Any place that needs a little extra heat can now be warm and cozy in seconds and save you on your heating costs both of which are a great addition to any home.

Veito® USA uses the most up to date carbon infrared heating technology to power the Veito®CH1500RE that means better heating and greater savings. The sun’s infrared waves pass through the air and heat objects including people. Even on a cold day if the sun is out you can still feel warm which is exactly how the CH1500RE heaters work. Infrared heaters mimic this effect and provide a sun-like comfort that will keep you warm throughout the entire year.