Veito is primarily focused in developing environmentally friendly products such as the Blade Heater. Their products are specifically designed and manufactured to reduce carbon footprints and use less energy. This results to a more cost efficient heating solution for households.

One of the amazing Veito products that are widely recognized is their Veito Blade Heater. Veito Blade Heaters use infrared heat to warm the surrounding area. It works similarly as the sun does – by directly heating objects and humans. Instead of producing warm air to add heat to a room, Veito Blade Heater directs heat to objects and humans. Through this process, heat lasts longer than when it is created by traditional heaters.

Veito Blade Heaters are weatherproof

Veito Blade heaters have been tested numerous times to prove its functionality and operations through inclimate weather. Tests simulate what happens through inclimate weather by using a garden hose and ordinary tap water. Veito Blade heaters have been tested to operate through storm, snow and strong winds.

Because they are unaffected by different weather, Veito Blade Heaters are the best heaters to use outdoors. Many household owners have already considered installing Veito Blade Heaters in their patios and decks. Indeed, Veito Blade Heaters allow them to enjoy outdoors despite the cold weather.

Veito Blade Heaters have built in safety features

Veito Heaters have many built in safety features so that you can continue using it even when while there is a storm, as you can see in the video below.

Veito Blade Heater is called the smart heater for a reason. Learn more about the Veito® Blade 1500W Heater here.