The Veito Blade S 2500W is a wall mounted radiant heater that emits and radiates heat throughout the room making you feel the warmth during winters. It warms you up without making you suffer from congestion or air pollution of any kind.

The Veito carbon infrared heater is energy efficient as well as cost effective. Its radiant panel heaters are perfect for heating rooms with high ceilings. The heater comes with an electronic control system and thus makes it convenient for the user to regulate the temperature.

How does the heater create radiant heat?
Radiant heat production is much more energy efficient than other heating systems.
Veito Blade S 2500W provides direct heat, which helps to save on energy costs. The direct heat generated by the heater is transferred directly to people and objects in the room. Also, the direct heat produced by medium waves of infrared energy warms people and object without warming the surrounding air. These heaters are very good for heating workshops and service stations. Apart from homes and small offices, they are also good for people who suffer from allergies.

These heaters simply heat the walls, floors and ceilings as well as the people and objects in the surrounding rather than heating the air, pretty much what the sun does. The warmth is thus stored for a longer period and a more comforting feeling is produced in a room. There are no droughts or cold spots in the room. The Veito Blade S 2500W leaves no stains and rust even after you use them as wall mounted radiant heaters for a long time. They remain corrosion-free and the water does not rot inside the boiler.

How does the heater get installed?
The Veito wall mounted radiant heater can be mounted on a wall either horizontally or vertically. All these heaters have a metal casting which is streamlined and powder coated. The metal used is aluminum. They are durable and are designed to be of low maintenance which prove to be an economical solution.

 Blade S 2500W
Heating Capacity:
 12000 BTU/h
Veito Filament Carbon bulb:
 guaranteed for 10,000 hours
IP Rating:
  IP55 (water resistant)

The Veito Blade S 2500W Black is the best option for those looking to buy infrared heaters online.