The beautifully designed carbon fiber Vieto in black is the free standing heater which makes it the perfect addition to any room. It features an easily adjustable height stand (82cm-135cm) and a choice of 4 different temperature settings and a long distance remote control. You can move it from one room to another room or from your home to your garage, cabin or office . It is portable anywhere which makes it the best outdoor standing heater.

This infrared patio heater has an adjustable height stand, 82cm-135cm, and offers a choice of 4 different heat settings.Its remote automatically regulates the power consumption based on your chosen temperature which will eliminate any hot or cold cycling. Heating capacity can be set to 4 different levels 600W-900W-1200W or 1500W. When the timer is set the heater will automatically shut down at the end of the preset time. It has a lightened aluminum body, built in carry handle and a height adjusting panel.

The Veito free standing heater has a control panel which has a display button. When using the battery operated remote control you can set heat levels, activate and set the timer function and power on or off. All Veito free standing heaters and their remote controls have the same frequency so you can control several heaters with just one remote. All these features make Veito CH1500RE Heater Black the best free standing electric heater.

Technical Specifications:
Model: CH1500RE in black
Heating Capacity:   6600 BTU/h
Maximum Power:  1500W
Space for Use:  16 sq m
Power Supply: AC 120V 60Hz
Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm x 135cm
Weight:  2.8kg

The Veito CH1500RE Standing Heater is the best option for those looking to buy standing infrared heaters online.