Every American has a space that they don’t use much as it is too cool some days and it is not economical to turn up the heat in the whole house when it is just one space that needs a little extra heat. The space is useful but who wants to spend time in a cold room? We installed our Veito® infrared wall mounted heater and now have a very comfortable room that we enjoy using with our friends and family, it was an addition onto the back of the house and it has been chilly since day one.

The Veito® Blade 1500W infrared wall mounted heater was easy to install, my husband and installed it in about 20 minutes and it came with all of the mounting brackets and hardware in the box. We read through the instructions to be sure that we mounted at the ideal height and followed the instructions on installing the mounting brackets.  In no time we had our infrared wall mounted heater installed and warming the space, it was instant heat that felt so good.

We can set it to any one of 4 temperature settings, turn it up or down and set the timer to turn itself off all with the little remote control that comes with it.  The Veito® Blade 1500W infrared wall mounted heater has an attractive modern design that fits perfectly into any décor and space and with the warm orange glow of heat it is an excellent addition to the room. We have had many compliments from family and friends who don’t need to wear a sweater in this room anymore.

One heater heats our family room perfectly but we did install a second infrared wall mounted heater and use just one remote to control them both.  Easy installation, instant heat and an infrared wall mounted heater has made our family room, a place that we all like to use for movies, games and family time. Our friends are going to do the same so their sunroom becomes a comfortable family space as well.