In parts of the USA there are evenings that are so calm but the chill in the air moves us inside. The Veito® Blade infrared 1500W heater is also a standing heater. It has earned the IP55 rating and it can be easily mounted with the brackets that come with the unit. There is also a stand that can be purchase to make the Veito® 1500W infrared heater an easily portable standing heater.

Buying the optional Veito® stand I can move the standing heater on the patio for those evenings that are cool and position it for maximum heating comfort. To be able to move the stand with the heater mounted you now have a more versatile heat source that can heat any space. I have used the Veito® Blade infrared standing heater as a patio heater and as a space heater in my basement, garage, at the cabin and when camping as well. Standing heaters make my Veito® very versatile.

If I hadn’t purchased the stand then I would only have the comfortable infrared heat it in one place; being able to take the Veito® heater to other spaces has meant that I have an energy efficient heat source that heats lots of spaces and saves me money on my heating bill while keeping me comfortable all year long. I did purchase a second unit and mounted it permanently in my basement family room as the space does feel cool all year but I still enjoy having the Veito® heater stand for portable heat.