Indoor heat from all of the Veito® infrared heaters are energy efficient, safety tested and built for long life performance. Veito® infrared heaters have 4 heat settings, automatic timer to turn unit off and all indoor heaters come with a universal long range remote control that can operate more than one indoor heater at a time. Veito® indoor heaters can be wall or ceiling mounted, there is an optional stand available for the Veito® Blade 1500W, making it portable as well.

Veito® Infrared heaters are the perfect addition for any indoor heating needs. They can be used as a bedroom heater, bathroom heater, basement heater and they provide instant heat when and where you want it. In the USA indoor heating can be enjoyed all year to take the chill off of a room or to heat a cooler space all day.

Veito® indoor heaters have a modern sleek slim line design that will fit into any space, available in black or silver they will be eye catchers.  Indoor heaters crafted to fit into big or little rooms they can be mounted vertically or horizontally or with the Blade 1500W mounted on a stand. Finding just the right is easy to do and the warm ambient glow of the bulb adds an extra level to the felling of warmth.

The latest carbon infrared technology and exceptional safety features combine to create the perfect indoor heater keeping your family comfortable and safe.  Veito® infrared indoor heaters provide every room with the heat you seek.